What are some creative recipes using leftover pancake mix?

The 10 best ways to consume pancake dough: cannelloni for pancakes, quesadilla pancakes, crispy pancakes with creamy chicken with bacon, German-style cheese, 26 pancakes with bacon, 26 pancakes with bacon, pear fritters with apple 26, blood orange crepe, pancakes filled with cheese, pancakes baked on a tray with blueberries and orange. One of the family's favorite uses for pancake mix are pancake muffins. They're so easy that even kids can make them now and they're great for snacking or breakfast. We added cinnamon sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chips or maple syrup to change the original recipe.

Basically, bacon pancake ladles are bacon covered with a pancake mix and then dipped in syrup. The recipe for these bad boys can be found here. Funnel cakes are the best carnival treat. Imagine making one at home with a basic buttermilk pancake mix, topped with powdered sugar, of course.

The balance between sweet and savoury is always the perfect combination. This is the case with these bacon rolls, which are the best snack to snack on. If you're trying to be a little bit unhealthy, you can even make them with gluten-free pancake mix. I don't know anyone who doesn't like banana bread.

But baking it with a pancake mix makes it even more convenient. To take it up a notch, you can add chocolate chips, nuts, or any other topping of your choice. To make Yorkshire puddings out of pancake batter, all you need to do is pour it onto a warm, greased pudding tray and put it in the oven. You can use the mix as is and enjoy tasty pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the next few days.

Pancake mix usually consists only of flour, eggs, milk and oil, so you're not far from the ingredients of a muffin recipe. Those types of people might wonder what things can be done with pancake mix that aren't pancakes, and that's where these recipes come into play.

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