What are some fun recipes using pancake mix?

One of the family's favorite uses for pancake mix are pancake muffins. They're so easy that even kids can make them now and they're great for snacking or breakfast. We added cinnamon sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chips or maple syrup to change the original recipe. This pancake casserole recipe with vegetables and sausages only requires 5 ingredients, making it ideal for preparing a quick breakfast.

Turns out having vegetables in a pancake isn't so strange after all. Incredibly easy mini meat pies from Betty Crocker True Maryland Crab Cakes from AllRecipes. Adding a pinch of cayenne and some grated Gruyere or Swiss cheese to this manipulated pancake mix recipe enhances these delicate pancakes; they could also be a fun surprise to serve with company. Put that dusty spiralizer to good use in this delicious savory recipe with pancake mix, corn, bell pepper and shredded and sharp cheddar cheese.

Pancake mixes don't get a good amount of airtime, but after seeing the recipes below, you'll consider them your new kitchen staple. If you can't start your day without consuming a lot of caffeine, the recipe for coffee cake with pancake mix is perfect for you. The crab cake with pancake mix recipe doesn't contain too many spices, allowing you to really savor the delicious crab meat. This banana bread with pancake mix is an excellent dessert if you're watching your weight but can't beat your sweet tooth.

This family recipe calls for a pound of chunked crab meat and enough mayonnaise, pancake mix, and an egg to hold it all together. The pancake mix helps the meat stay tender, and a layer of tomato sauce on top of it makes it a retro meal (swap it out for barbecue sauce if you prefer). And this quick ingredient is so simple that you'll even find a recipe below on how to make your own pancake mix; put it together and leave it in the fridge until you get hungry.

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