What can you add to pancake mix to make it better?

Add dairy to enrich Milk, yogurt, melted butter and ricotta cheese are just a few of the dairy products that can alter the structure of a box pancake with mix and result in a spongy, moist pancake. If the pancake mix requires only water, replace it with the same amount of milk and enjoy a more airy texture. A good tip for sifting the pancake mix would be to hold the strainer at least 45 centimeters or 18 inches above the bowl. I just made pancakes this morning with some of your tips, adding eggs, melted butter, milk, sifting the mixture and not mixing too much.

The first thing you'll want to do to make the pancake mix fluffier is sift the dry mix. If you're a pancake novice, you might not know when the pancake is ready on one side and ready for you to turn it over. The boxed pancake mix may already tell you to break some eggs, but even if you don't, add a couple. Adding just a little vanilla or almond to your pancake mix will make them go from good pancakes to incredible pancakes.

Adding milk or buttermilk will increase the fat content of the pancake recipe and produce more tender pancakes. They improve the texture and flavor of pancakes to make them more like pancakes made from scratch. But one of my favorite secrets to making store-bought pancake mix taste homemade is to add some buttermilk or whole milk. If the pancake mix in your box is a little old, the baking powder may have lost some of its growth power, so the pancakes will be very flat and boring.

Now that I've shared the 7 tips on how you too can improve the pancake mix you bought at the store, I want to share with you some common mistakes that many of us end up making often. Often, pancake mixes don't even require butter, but for me, that's one of the key components of a great pancake. I've never really liked the boxed pancake mix because it doesn't compare to the delicious fluffy pancakes you can make at home.

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